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Winrar - considered the best archiver and razarhivatoram files for the operating system windows. Archiver winrar supports all known archive files *. Rar, *. Zip, *. Cab, *. Arj, *. Lzh, *. Ace, *. Tar, *. Gzip, * .7-zip, *. Jar, * . uue, *. z, and so forth.

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Attention: the program Winrar - paid program, a test period of 40 days, but after the test period, the program also works, just that sometimes pops up a reminder about the purchase of this program, you can close this message and continue to use the program free winrar.

Version of the program:5.91
Release date:
Version for windows:Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 8 10
File size:2.00 MB
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