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Utorrent - is a free program for distribution and downloading files over the Internet, via torrent networks. Currently, there are many site for downloading games, music, movies, programs at high speed through a network of popular torrent.

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If you want to download new movies at high speed using utorrent, then download and install the first program utorrent, then the search engine type in "Download (movie title) torrent", usually in the top five sites, you will find that looking for. The site with the distribution of torrent files that you download the file with the extension *.torrent (file size up to one megabyte), you need to open this file using utorrent, and after this action will download the movie.

When downloading files via utorrent at high speed, can be very slow internet connection, since all the clogged channel. That would not have passed, it is desirable to change the speed of download and upload files. To do this, open the program utorrent → "Settings" → "Configuration" → "Speed" expose, depending on the speed of your Internet, the default is unlimited.

Version of the program:3.5.5 1030
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