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Picasa – this program, which is designed first of all to search for photos on the computer. Each time you start this very useful program, it immediately begins to scan your computer for all the possible photo formats. You can also choose how to scan, whether it's personal photos or sorts. The program can sort, what picture is recorded with the carrier, or the photos are stored in the system folders, such as gaming.

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I guess everyone has happened is that you can not find the pictures on the computer, each time moving from folder to folder to find the same one the desired photos.

Picasa, when you search for photos, just sorts them into separate albums, the program creates a virtual albums, and writes them on their own, this could be the album "date" photos are sorted by the time they upload to the computer, and may be the album «gif», in this album will be only the files in that format. Especially since you can further specify these parameters for the album, and Picasa immediately displays it in the requested files.

Picasa build - not only looking for every possible photo files, but also has the ability to edit them, you only remains to find the right photo. Editing is not graphic, but the system, so you can easily change the format or size of photos, as well as the frequency of pixels and even enhance photos without any loss of quality.

The program Picasa build, is also equipped with faster transfer over the Internet. You can send your photo files that are found on your computer via e-mail or in a blog. But the most interesting thing is that Picasa can make gift CDs with your files, which is very close to or relatives will appreciate when you give a disk with long forgotten photos.

If it is good to understand Picasa, then you will find just your own rating of photos, which will facilitate you in finding a job.

Editor, send photos, auto-corrector photos to best use and the best search of forgotten and lost photos, all this and much more can be found in the excellent search engine program Picasa.

Once you've found the new photos on the computer, they can be otredaktirovast using a free program Gimp.

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