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LibreOffice - free office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, data bases and formulas. Libre Office functionality recalls a well-known charge office suite microsoft office. LibreOffice is fully compatible with microsoft office 2003/2007/2010 version, a trough opens files were created in microsoft office. If you do not know what to open the file with the extension *. Doc, *. Docx, *. Xlsx, *. Xls, *. Odt, *. Ott, *. Sxw, *. Stw, *. Wot, *. Xml, * . psw free program Libre Office.

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The book is a freeware text editor LibreOffice Writer, which is visually and in terms of functionality like microsoft word, LibreOffice Calc is an analog of microsoft excel, and to create a suitable presentation software LibreOffic eImpress, which is microsoft office PowerPoint. If you want you arrange your ad, such as the purchase or sale of an apartment, then it makes no sense to install on the computer microsoft office, but you can just download the portable version of LibreOffice and run a word processor Writer.

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