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KMPlayer - a universal video player free for windows, with a built-in video codecs. You only need to download and install a video player, and without any additional codecs kmpleer plays video and audio files in many formats. AVI. MPG. MOV. QT. MQV. RMVB. RM. RAM. MP3. AAC. MOV. MP4 and others.

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KMPlayer though, and free video player, but there are many useful features that can be very useful to many fans to watch the video. For example turn off the computer after the movie, or add to adjust the brightness and the contrast in the video. Video player able to work with subtitles (you can choose the language subtitles). In kmpleere default hot keys are configured to display video on the whole, Screen to press "Enter", if you want to put a movie on pause, press spacebar.

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