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Internet Explorer - is a free browser for operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided by Microsoft. Earlier this standard browser, has been the most popular and was included, with almost all operating systems. Currently, due to the wide distribution of these browsers, as Opera, Firefox и google Chrome as Opera, Firefox and Chrome, the browser is Internet Explorer 10 is a solid fourth place.

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Of all the browsers is a constant struggle for the cleanest interface with the most user-friendly features. In Internet Explorer 10 features a very comfortable accommodation and is displayed in the upper left corner in the form of two buttons. Such an arrangement greatly facilitates the use of the browser and are not diverted to the secondary elements. The browser is Internet Explorer pre-equipped with the Russian language, which facilitates its use.

There is a misconception that for each operating system, there are different installation files of the browser. However, in this case the installation file is a single Internet Explorer and is suitable for all of these operating systems. Just free download Internet Explorer 10 for windows and install. Next, the browser will automatically ready for use.

Free browser Internet Explorer 10 has distinctive features:

  • providing quick access to your bookmarks, which were previously stored;
  • a very simple interface, not overloaded with unnecessary additions;
  • address box can be used to quickly search and enter the domain;
  • advanced security provides reliable confidentiality;
  • free browser entirely in Russian;
  • Download Manager Standard, provides further usability of the downloaded files.

Additional features can be noted Internet Explorer blocking unsolicited windows, support for working with tabs. In addition, a built-in phishing filter and the ability to automatically update to the latest version.

As a part of Internet Explorer 10 Platform contains tools for developers. With this toolkit, you can view personal sites and build their browser. To download the tools you need to open the menu select Troubleshooting Tools for developers or press F12.

Free Internet Explorer browser for windows XP, there is only to version 8 and Internet Explorer 9, and 10 can be set on a more recent operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. So if you have windows XP, you need to Download Internet Explorer 8 for windows XP.

In order to provide quick access to sites that are frequented by creating special labels. To this end, the browser name is copied to the desktop, and then is inserted into the desired object.
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