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Google Chrome - at the moment is considered one of the fastest browsers for the Internet, with a built-in translator of pages from google translate. To translate a site into another language, the Google Chrome browser itself will offer to translate the page of the site into the default browser language.

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In chrome, the address bar is a string of the Google search engine, for example, in the address bar you can type "Download programs for free" and the Google search engine will give you a list of sites where you can download programs for free.

In the Google Chrome browser you can install various extensions, for example, the extension Gismeteo will display the weather in your city, you can also install online TV, games and much more in the browser. To install extensions in Google Chrome, you need to click on the wrench → "Options" → "Extensions" → "More extensions" in the list, select the extension that you need and click on it.

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