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Dr.Web CureIt - is a compact antivirus for your operating system. He so has high efficiency trapping viruses that the program should be on the computer every internet user.

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This version of the standard by the absence of Dr.Web installer, ie to scan your computer at least once a week, run the program and do a deep scan. The application is constantly updated by developers, and more precisely, it updated the virus database. This option is not automatic. Since the virus database is updated twice an hour from the usual anti-virus, then scan in the "once a week", you must download the latest version of Dr.Web CureIt!

To use the program, it is better to have a permanent antivirus installed, and this tool to check the quality of the first to make your computer clean and in the right / wrong choice of main defender PC.

Dr.Web CureIt! to catch worms, trojans, scan files PC, network, which is your computer, hackers will find harmful programs, and their spies, messages such as blocking Windows (pardon send SMS or recharge), identify thieves of your passwords and any spy code in a program that you can trust completely.

This antivirus is free, has a Russian interface, which is useful for inexperienced users. There is also a negative, though one - no self-renewal databases, including Page developers will add to the browser bookmarks and visit the site at least once a week.

How to deal with viruses extortionists using free antivirus Dr.Web CureIt

Two days ago I was given a laptop with a virus extortionist, which blocked Windows 7 64bit. Namely, after selecting the user pop-up window, in which it was stated WMU account number and the text, to unlock the windose list 200grn Internet purse. I will write at once, if you happen to have caught a virus, never send money to a specified web wallet and update your account to mobile phones. Extortioners will never have the unlock code!

To remove this virus, I tried to load the laptop in safe mode, but it blocked the virus and operating system. The second attempt was to download a laptop using windows XP portable, but this option is not successful, because of a system error popping up blue screen of death. After two failed attempts to load the laptop, I decided to remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to your computer. Next I downloaded Dr. Web kyurit with the latest anti-virus database, ran antivirus software on your computer for viruses and checked the hard drive from the laptop. Anti virus found three that were infected with six files that are free antivirus successfully deleted. For your peace of mind, I deleted all the temporary files (Temp) browsers and windose, then set back to the hard disk on a laptop, and it successfully booted up without locking the operating system. You can also use ERD commander download laptop, try to find and remove the virus extortionist. I hope my advice will help you to fight this type of virus.

Version of the program:11.1.7
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Author:Doctor Web, Ltd
Version for windows:Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 - 32 bit, 64 bit Windows 8
File size:175.00 MB
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