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DAEMON Tools lite - is a free program to create a virtual cd dvd blu-rey drive on your computer, as well as to create a virtual disk image with the file extension *.iso write disk image on a real disk.

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Many wondered how to install the game I downloaded from the Internet, the game is a file extension of *.iso. Install this game, you have two ways to write the image to disk, or create a virtual drive using DAEMON Tools and install the game. To create a virtual disk, you need to download the free program DAEMON Tools lite and install it. After installing and rebooting windows, you have a computer will be an additional drive. Now you need to mount the disk image (which you downloaded the game) with the program DAEMON Tools. To do this, click on the taskbar (lower right corner near the clock) on the label Daemon Tools twice left mouse button, you'll see a program in it click on the "Add disk", select your game and then open it. After these steps, if the game timer, start installing the game if the game without the autorun, click the Daemon Tools program to disk with the name of the game two times the right mouse button.

The program Daemon Tools lite - is a free program with no keys and registration, software installation, you need to rearrange the check mark from "Paid Licence" to "free license".

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