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Adobe Reader - program is designed to open files in PDF. With the free Adobe Reader, you can read books, manuals, magazines, brashury, notes and many other text files which have the extension *.pdf.

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The program Adobe Reader allows you to read text files in pdf format and customize the appearance of the book for the reader's convenience. For example, change the font size, rotate the book clockwise and counter-clockwise (when such opportunities is easier to read a book on a laptop or tablet), to make a book in full screen (something to nothing more than being distracted by reading a book), keep tabs on pages books and a lot of different options that are less used in the program Adobe reader.

PDF converter in word

To convert files to pdf format from Word, we will need the Adobe Reader and therefore microsoft office word. So get down to the most directly convert pdf to text books, to open a pdf file of the Adobe Reader program, choose the tool "Selection" select the desired block of text or village (you need to click the right mouse button and drag up or down to the village), after how to stand out, press the key combination "CTRL + C" when you press these selected text to the clipboard gets windows. Then we open the program microsoft office word and paste text from the clipboard into the program Word keyboard shortcut "CTRL + V", after pressing you to change the text in a Word of the pdf file.

To convert text all at once, in Adobe Reader after a file open, press "CTRL + A (English)" (emphasis the whole book) and then copy the text "CTRL + C" and insert it into word "CTRL + V". After you insert the text in word, you can edit the text, change the font, page size, delete unnecessary or add something new to the text, and then again to save the format of pdf, using microsoft office 2010, click on the "File" → "Save as "file type" PDF ". That's the method I have a book converter for the phone, the phone I read pdf files, and downloaded from the internet book was hard to read on the phone, and so I copied the first book in Word, then change the font size and the most important change the page size (for your phone set 4cm to 6cm) then broke the book into parts, to reduce file size, saved back to PDF format and uploaded to the phone. This file conversion takes me about 5 minutes of time, but it is now easy to read books on the phone.

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